Modern Theatre Dance 10.45am Saturday's

Classical Ballet reduced fee 10am Saturday's

Street Dance reduced fee 10.45am Saturday's


A contemporary/urban youth dance Performance Company.

Eithne Marie Dance Company (EMDC) is a project that aims to enable young people to receive training, and to grow personally, through the development of technique and creativity whilst working towards their own dance performance objectives.

Not all young people have the opportunity to attend a vocational dance school and EMDC want to give local dancers the chance to experience weekly training and to progress not only as dancers but as people.  At the end of a 12 week training period, they would perform a 20 minute piece in a theatre in order to understand the evolution of dance from its artistic creation to its performance projection.  They will have the opportunity to express themselves and to create something unique, of which they can be proud.

EMDC sessions would not focus specifically on any one dance style, but an overview of many styles including ballet, contemporary, urban and various street styles.

The sessions would include--Building better dance technique-Working with established professional choreographers and teachers-The employment of key choreographic elements such as structure of movement and music and dance relationships.-The delivery of good performance-The encouragement of self-discipline, dedication and commitment to their own creativity and to their peers, resulting in a sense of achievement and pride.

Although improving dance ability and technique is one goal, the foundations upon which this project are built focus on the concept of using dance as a tool to give young people an opportunity to express themselves freely in a creative, supporting environment.  The target group for this opportunity would be young people aged 16 and over in the South East London area, who would otherwise be unable to participate in dance training, they would probably be recommended for a place by a professional working with young people i.e. teachers, GP's, Social Services , young peoples charities in South East London.


Fully funded full time dance education for the 16+ age group The college would be a natural progression of the EMDC project, as more students become involved, funding becomes established and more classes and teachers are introduced, the College would grow. Able to provide a first class dance education.


Selected students of the dance college would form a professional dance company at the end of their training. The ultimate desire of any young dancer is to perform to an audience; the Dance Company would take young dancers from the college and introduce them to the world of professional dance performance.


There are many undiscovered young talents in London.  So many have an amazing creative ability and cant move forward due to lack of advice and funds.  Create would help develop that talent by

funding recording demosfunding performance projectsdeveloping links with song writers to develop song writing skillsfunding recording projectsdeveloping an on line presence through working with a PR companyhelping the release an EP or album

All of the above would enable the artist to pitch to record companies or an independent label to enable them to take their career forward to the next step. In this climate it's not all about the talent, record companies are looking for fully developed artists and the most talented artists do not have the means or the funds to make this possible.


Create would like to support the research and development of new choreographers, by funding space and dancers to work with the choreographer, aiming to recognise and address what choreography is today and what choreographers' needs are in today's complex dance world.

Our motto is:Perform Higher – Reach For Your Potential


Matt Flint Winner of So You Think You Can Dance

Tony Moore Artistic Director/Musician


Private donations. Grants.



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Many young people within our community would greatly benefit from professional training as a means to perform and develop their art but who are unable to source, pay or obtain funding. Create provides classes for children and young people free of charge, funded by Create, or at a reduced price.